Monday, February 28, 2011

New creations

Patches for Papercraft
Apparently there seems to be some problems with the blast shield of the Scanty pistol. I created a patch that should be the same size as the other parts:

Download the Scanty patch for the Blast Shield

I also made available a couple of PDO files since it seemed like some of the instructions were unclear:
Panty Sniper PDO file
Panty Shorty PDO

Some of the latest statistics
Looks like my papercraft has become more popular than my manga hahaha.
*Panty's Backlace got 293 downloads, with 173 downloads of the older file ->466 total downloads!
*Stocking's Stripe got 202 downloads
*Scanty's Double Gold Lacytanga got 102 downloads

New Papercraft
Continuing with the Panty and Stocking line, I've begun designing the Transhomers!

Gothic Empress Stocking and Bitch Commander Panty

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