Friday, May 19, 2006

What have I been doing!?

I just realised I haven't posted ony my site in a while! Well, there's a reason haha! First of all, I got hired at Namco-Bandai to do QA, so I work all day. Other than that, I've been working dutifuly at my FFVII: AC Cloud costume... and here's my proof ^^;;

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My modified riding Fenrir goggles. <>_<> Easy to make, and just as easy to look cool in. I painted it a nice metalic silver and added that weird looking nose bridge.

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I made the Cloud backpack. Made from the same cardstock I used in Apocalypse, got some furniture pleather, and hotglued them together real nicely. I used real metal snaps too! ^^;; had fun hammering those things in.
Proud that there are no wrinkles, but I wasn't able to put the propper stitching on it, but whatever, it looks awesome. Oh yeah... it also won't hold my sword. I made it to scale to my body just like the sword, but due to the material types, the sword won't go in the sheathe. ;__; If I made one that worked, it would have to be 20% bigger and that just looked too clumsy and huge, so I scrapped that version.

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This is my Fenrir that I made for my armor last year. It's made of aluminum foil and creative hotgluing. Hmm yeah, not to impressive huh? That's what I thought too. Time to review, revise and remake.

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Here's the *NEW* sculpey model I made with lots of image research and hard, hard work along with the latex mould which took a week to make. Latex moulds are nice, but I had to go to work every day when I was making it, so one or two layers of latex a day for about a week.... talk about a slow process! In the end, it came out really nice, so no complaints.

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Here's a shot of the resin cast I made with the ring before and after my paint job. Paint sure makes a difference! The resin took about 24 hours to set and popped right out of the mould with a little help. Good thing I used latex, I had a lot of undercuts on this thing.

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Finished product. Pauldron built from aluminum foil with hotglue and black pleather over it. Natural 'scarring' from my hotglue application. Strap made with an elastic fabric/ribbon thing that doesn't need adjusting. Ends hotglued and hotglued to the buckle, so no need for sewing or adjustment holes! ^_^ my CD case gets a cameo!

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Hmm. I'm testing out if plastic is the way to go for the other swords. Since Apocky is kinda light already, I'm trying to make sure the others will stand on her, but not heavy enough to make her break apart under the weight. I've progressed a little farther than this pic, but the weight problem is still there.

Anyhow, those are the new pictures! I'm going to Fanimecon next weekend with all this stuff on + a wig (hopefuly). The wig's still in the mail... I got a really awesome one comissioned. I'll prolly have tons more cool pix to post after Fanime ^_^


At June 14, 2006 11:53 PM, Anonymous Sin said...

Hey, your blog is not neglected. I read it... sometimes. Anyway, nice job on fenrir armor thingy. Gawd I can't wait to see it in person at AX ;-)


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