Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rediscovered O_o

Whoa so its been a long time again here.
I've always been horrible at writing journals.

Anyhow my life has continued and I haven't had time for scanslating much. I tried here and again, but it turns out I like manga to read, and dealing with scanslation management is too much work.

Since my last post, I have taken several 3d graphics classes, won many cosplay awards, got myself a permanent job, yet still roam the internet. I use my 3d graphics tools for making cosplay items, I've been pictured in several magazines for my cosutmes, work full time at Namco Bandai Games America Inc. If you've bought a Namco game in the past few years odds are my names in it.

I sort of keep my coscom up to date:
Otherwise, been working on the next big cosplay thing on the backburner. If I can I'll post some pix up later.

Thanks again for anyone visiting my site/blog. I will continue to upkeep as time goes on.