Sunday, July 04, 2010

Despicable Me

I've done a lot of papercraft! Mostly my own creations and one giant fully articulated Bumblebee. This time, however, I am posting four of my original creations.

I created Tim, Carl, and Jorge from the Movie Despicable Me for your building pleasure! I also made a Freeze Ray for myself =) The patterns should be pretty simple, but if enough comments come back about them I can update. The Minion on the Right in the photo below is my prototype. All the minions come without mouths because of him XD hahhahaha. Enjoy and please link to my page if you post this!


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THE FREEZE RAY (image only)

Despicable Me is a trademark of Universal etc. etc. All legal and licensing property of them. I made this as a fan art to share for free and it will not be sold. If you find these being sold please report them immediately.