Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Layout.. sort of...

I'm experimenting with new colors, but there's no real new layout cuz hahah I don't want to mess up the format that Blogger has already made up for me too much. So, new Ika-Trans logo by T-Chan, Ika-Ikons, and a color change round out the facelift. I'm still trying to tweak the whole thing, so if anything looks just plain =weird= then comment or email me.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Dizzy Weeks

Been back in SJ for a couple of weeks now, and for some reason, my room is the endless pile of random papers. I've always had a sentimentality factor attached to all my stuff, and always had dreams that my old papers would somehow inspire me or be helpful in the future. Were they? Hell no! Okay, well I did find a few papers that were cool and had little sketches on them (which, once I get my computer back online will prollly get posted) but 99% of my old grade school and high school crap I recycled ...o_o... Ugh! and the DUST! I'm suffocating in my own room fer goodness sakes. 5 years of dust is enough to make colorful pictures not visible through the gray haze.

I heard the Ichigo 100% manga ended recently and am anxious to find out what happened, though, what I hear is that it doesn't have a satisfying ending... I have decided that in the interest of the industry I'll keep 2x2 on this site until Infinity releases book one, so all you ppl out there'd better buy it!!! Once I get another manga project that I like I'll start posting chapters again, but until then, it's all about finding myself a job either translating manga (hope hope) or something in the physics field (hope hope hope). Went to a job fair the other day but got reality smashed in my face when the people there wanted masters degrees. All the fairs in college wanted bachelors degrees... now out here in SJ they want more education.... and like 3y. experience... how the heck is anyone supposed to get a job!!!

Anyhow, it seems most of my stuff consists of books, so that's kind of a comforting factor, but its taking so long to clean the ancient crap outta my room I dunno if I'll ever see them on my walls again.