Sunday, September 11, 2005

*Secret Project* Revealed!

Kogepan! He's burnt, he's bread, he's depressed beyond any human understanding!

I looked around for another project to do, since 2x2 Shinobuden got licensed, and I picked up a bunch of Kogepan books! I think this is book 4, but it's a 4-panel manga so it's not like there's a overarching story or anything. Essentialy Kogepan [koge(teru):burnt, pan:bread] is tossed out by the baker because he's burnt, and therefore Kogepan mopes around wishing he could be sold.
Anyway, I thought I could try colored strips, and with my busy schedule I can get at least one done a week. It's a new challenge since the author uses bizzare coloquial Japanese that I have difficulty with. ^__^ Yay its hard!

Okay, that said, here's my first installment:

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PS rant:
The studio translating 2x2 Shinobuden isn't releasing it until next year! wtf! not cool. >,,< maybe I'll pick it up again.


At October 13, 2005 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you ^^ I love Kogepan!!


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