Saturday, January 01, 2005

My projects!!!

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Hiya world! I'm Ikariya the squiddy.
I translate manga for various people and reasons. First reason being that I want people to enjoy manga without having to take 4 or 5 years to learn japanese like I did. Other reason being... money? nah just kidding. I will update my blog site as I translate pages and post my translations on the coresponding series post.
Follow the link to the group I do CJail for and you'll find me on their forum and idling in their chatroom on irc. Download their stuff!!

Potential personal projects:
2x2 ga Shinobuden
Ichigo 100%
Pretty Face
Konjiki no Gashu
other crap on my shelf

I don't know where I can host raws yet, so bear with me.


I almost forgot, DON'T use my translations without my permission!!!! Please e-mail me or something first if you want to use them. I'm doing this for fun, but to take someone's work as your own... shame on you! I'll probably say 'yes' anyway...


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